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Not only a lot of pressure, stress, jobs such as drivers, office workers, chemical workers also have characteristics that adversely affect male physiological health.

According to Professor Tran Quan Anh, Head of the Department of Orthopedics, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi, whether men’s physiology is strong or weak is also affected by the work they do every day. The following 5 occupations can affect the physiological life of men.


Drivers make men sit behind the wheel for hours on end, putting pressure on the genitals, especially the testicles, which are considered “factories” of sperm and the male sex hormone testosterone. . Driving is also a stressful job, requiring men to stay up at night, negatively affecting men’s health and vitality.

Business people

Business people are often teased that “although they are strong in the marketplace, they are weak in bed”. Although this is not a common situation for all, it partly speaks to the problems faced by those who do this work. The reason comes from the fact that men are often under work pressure, lack of regular hours of life and often have to drink alcohol when meeting partners.

Business is a stressful job. Image: Shutterstock

Office staff

Sitting a lot, sedentary, directly exposed to computer radiation and often facing work pressure are typical of office workers. Currently, the trend of employees in offices having to work overtime, even on weekends, makes them even less active in physical activity while pressure and stress increase. When men are under stress for a long time, the body will secrete a lot of cortisol, which helps the body regulate stress but causes a decrease in the hormone testosterone. Therefore, more and more office men have sexual dysfunction.

Night shift workers

People who often have to work night shifts such as doctors, nurses, workers, security guards, sales staff, etc. are prone to experiencing sexual dysfunctions such as decreased libido, premature ejaculation, disorders. diamond. Men have to work all night and all morning, causing circadian rhythms to be reversed, affecting the body’s production of testosterone hormone.

Occupations exposed to heavy metals or toxic chemicals

Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc, … and chemicals such as pesticides, dyes, strong detergents… can wreak havoc on many organs in the body, including the system. genital. If not carefully protected, working in a toxic environment will cause men’s health to go down and “sex” to reduce strength and endurance.

Professor Tran Quan Anh said that physiological health is related to many factors, from lifestyle, nutrition to occupation. Work is difficult to change, but gentlemen still have a lot of ways to improve their performance. In particular, reasonable nutrition, regular exercise and the addition of nutrients that are good for health and vitality are useful suggestions for men. The most important thing is that men know how to balance work and rest time, take good care of themselves to always be in full strength, in a long-lasting performance.

In terms of nutrition, gentlemen should give priority to foods that support the body to increase physiology such as oysters, fatty fish (sardines, salmon, herring…), all kinds of fish. dark green leafy vegetables, fruits such as bananas, watermelons, avocados… A healthy diet, limiting consumption of fast food, and limiting alcohol intake will be the basis for men to ensure their overall health. body and improve sexual life.

Regarding exercise, experts say that weight training, sprinting, swimming will help men’s bodies increase testosterone production. Men can also practice any sport, from football, volleyball, badminton… Maintaining exercise for about 45-60 minutes a day helps men have a standard body, gain muscle, and lose weight. Fat helps improve physical health and sexual performance.

Running makes men stronger and more durable.  Photo: Shutterstock

Running makes men stronger and more durable. Image: Shutterstock

Currently, with the development of technology, scientists can develop and extract nutrients from nature, providing the body with essential ingredients to improve overall health and enhance physiology. . In particular, Eurycoma Longifolia, French sea pine extract and ocean oyster extract have the effect of promoting the body to increase the production of endogenous testosterone and nitric oxide. Testosterone is involved in the process of building muscle and male characteristics such as body shape, voice, hair, improving physical and mental health, while nitric oxide helps improve cardiovascular health, boosts metabolism. and muscle activity. In terms of physiological health, both of these ingredients support men to increase libido, improve erectile dysfunction, and increase male vitality.

“If testosterone has been known to play a role in creating desire and full vitality, nitric oxide helps to improve combat power and prolong sex time for men. This is an important duo in life. men’s sexual life”, Professor Tran Quan Anh affirmed.

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