5 kinds of juice to cool off hot days

Orange carrot, pineapple orange, tomato orange juice … helps to cool down, boosts the immune system, and reduces damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Dr., Dr. Nguyen Thi Son, Department of Traditional Medicine, Hospital University of Medicine and Pharmacy facility 3, said the juices from oranges and vegetables provide a lot of vitamin C, minerals that help cool hot days and It has many benefits such as strengthening the immune system, preventing cancer, protecting the heart, anti-inflammation, and reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Here are juices you can make at home to cool off:

Orange carrot juice

According to Dr. Son, the combination of oranges and carrots will bring out a harmonious taste, the drink is not too sour or too sweet but very cool, richly supplementing vitamin C and vitamin A for the body. You just squeeze carrot juice, remove the residue and mix with orange juice, add a little salt to enjoy.

Pineapple orange juice

“If you are looking for a juice that helps to both heat the body and support weight loss effectively, you should not ignore pineapple orange juice,” said the doctor. The nutrients contained in these two fruits will stimulate calorie burning and firm muscles. However, the juice taste is somewhat acidic, so it is necessary to add a little sugar or salt to make it easy to drink and not harm the stomach.

Orange apple juice

The glass of orange-apple juice can become a favorite drink for family members because it helps refresh and refreshes the body very effectively.

Orange tomato juice

In addition to the effect of cooling tomato orange juice, it is also good for skin on sunny days. Lycopene compounds with vitamin C from oranges and tomatoes smooth the skin, tighten pores as well as limit UV damage.

Note that to ensure safety, it is necessary to soak tomatoes thoroughly or you can boil it briefly before pressing for water. After mixing the orange juice with the tomato juice, if the taste is sharp, add a little sugar.

Beet orange juice

When the body “runs out of battery”, a glass of beetroot orange juice can help you replenish your energy quite effectively, your spirit will soon return. With this juice, there is no need to add too much sugar when used to limit the risk of hyperglycemia.

Doctors recommend drinking orange juice about 30-45 minutes after eating, avoid getting too hungry or full. Do not drink after using dairy products.

Drinking juice helps to cool down, support weight loss and beautify the skin. Image: A

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