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Children should drink milk, eat eggs, bananas and soybeans regularly with meals to help increase height.

The misconception that many families still encounter is that short parents make it difficult for children to achieve good height. However, reality proves, families that train their children to have an active, scientific lifestyle, and have a healthy and appropriate diet can help their children grow taller. A study published in Journal of Clinical Nutrition The US shows that there is a direct correlation between a child’s diet and height.

Follow Health ShotsParents, instead of giving their children functional foods or height-enhancing drugs, can stimulate their children’s height by adding nutrient-rich foods including protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. and minerals. 5 foods containing many nutrients children need to consume every day to increase height include:


Milk is one of the healthiest foods babies need to grow. Milk contains a number of nutrients necessary for children to grow taller quickly. Not only that, milk also helps to develop children’s bones as well as make muscles stronger and more flexible.

Eggs are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B12. Image: Freepik


Eggs are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin, some of the nutrients found in eggs that are difficult to find in other food sources. Follow Health ShotsOne of the advantages of eggs is that they can be processed into many different dishes such as boiled, fried, fried, steamed, braised, made cakes… Parents can change flexibly so that children do not get bored and have fun. Own passion for this height increase food.

Soy bean

Soybeans are another rich source of protein, fiber and vitamins that scientists have listed on the list of foods that help increase height. Soybeans are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. For children, parents can also prepare a variety of soy-based dishes and drinks without worrying about their children getting bored.


Few people know all the benefits of bananas for health. Green bananas can be used in salads, cooked with meat, rolled. Ripe bananas are also used more widely such as making banana cakes, banana tea, banana ice cream or banana smoothies. In bananas there are many nutrients to help children increase height, children can use bananas every day without worrying about side effects.

Bananas and banana products are good for children.  Photo: Freepik

Bananas and banana products are good for children. Image: Freepik

Dried fruit

As children grow, they need both energy and nutrition. Packaged dried fruit ensures both of these factors. In addition to packaged dried fruits, nuts are also a rich source of minerals, good fats and amino acids that help children grow taller.

Follow Health ShotsBesides the foods that should be eaten, parents should also limit their children’s intake of foods that inhibit height growth such as carbonated soft drinks, sugary snacks such as chocolate, candy, ice cream, foods. packaged and frozen, unhealthy fats like salty butter, mayonnaise… You can eat almond butter or peanut butter instead.

Along with the foods that should and should not be given to children, the Health Shots also provides tips to help children grow taller faster such as ensuring children get proper sleep, encouraging children to do stretching exercises to lengthen bones and muscles, playing sports, sun exposure to get vitamins D…

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