5 Covid-19 patients required ECMO intervention

28 Covid-19 patients are being treated at medical facilities in critical condition, of which 5 have to run ECMO, including 4 in Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the Treatment Subcommittee, by noon on May 31, nearly 4,000 Covid-19 patients were being treated at 91 medical facilities. This is the highest number ever, of which more than half are in Bac Giang.

At treatment facilities, the most is the Bac Giang No. 2 Field Hospital located at the provincial gymnasium, which is treating more than 600 patients. Next is the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, which is treating 359 patients. Among the patients, 172 had severe and very severe prognosis.

5 critical cases of ECMO intervention (artificial cardiopulmonary system) including 4 cases treated at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, one case at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City. 23 critical cases of invasive mechanical ventilation, 19 severe cases of non-invasive mechanical ventilation.

The fifth case that has to be ordered to ECMO is an 80-year-old man from Bac Ninh. He became “patient 6043” on the evening of May 26, with a history of hypertension, grade 2 kidney failure. The patient was transferred to Bac Ninh Provincial General Hospital for treatment and then transferred to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases. 2. On the afternoon of May 29, the patient got worse, had to be on a non-invasive ventilator, and on the evening of the same day, he got worse very quickly, progressing to a critical condition. Doctors diagnosed the patient with respiratory failure – pneumonia caused by nCoV, assigned mechanical ventilation, intensive resuscitation treatment (ICU). 3 hours later, the patient’s serious development required ECMO, the prognosis is very bad. To date, the patient is still on mechanical ventilation through endotracheal tube, ECMO, maintaining sedation, pain relief, muscle relaxation.

This is the 4th case at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases requiring ECMO. The hospital is treating 48 patients with severe prognosis, 19 critical cases requiring mechanical ventilation.

Director of Medical Examination and Treatment Luong Ngoc Khue last week assessed that nearly 80% of patients in this epidemic had few symptoms, little changes in their bodies such as low fever, little fatigue, and no symptoms of pneumonia. However, many patients with such mild symptoms have progressed very quickly, making it difficult to treat.

The current treatment strategy focuses on about 20% of patients who may have a severe course. Of these, 10% may develop from cough, fever, difficulty breathing to emergency; 5% progress to severe and 5% to very severe.

However, Mr. Khue warned that healthy Covid-19 patients with no underlying disease should still be vigilant because they can quickly turn severe. At that time, they need to be taken to a safe treatment area, improve their condition and closely monitor.

New strains of nCoV have spread pathogens faster than before. Doctors have to race against the infection rate of hundreds of cases a day. To support the frontline force, individuals and businesses can accompany VnExpress newspaper in the program “Powering the epidemic center”. See details here.

Le Nga