5 concepts in the old fashion

After giving birth, pregnant women have to warm with coal, apply hot compresses, abstain from walking, take baths, do not eat sour … is a concept today considered outdated.

Midwifery Bachelor Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh, Department of Obstetrics, Thu Duc District Hospital, said, giving birth is a very difficult period for women. At this time, the whole body and energy are devoted to the process of pregnancy and delivery. Therefore, pregnant women must receive excellent postnatal care to recover their health.

However, at present, some old and old misconceptions are still being applied, harming the health and psychology of mothers, and can also cause some dangerous complications for mothers and babies.

Burning hot coals to keep warm: During the first month, mothers need absolute warmth. Because after giving birth, women lose a lot of blood, energy and nutrients, the body’s resistance is reduced, they are susceptible to infection from external factors. The mother and baby lay coal to keep warm, but the room is closed and airtight so that the concentration of CO2 produced when the coal is burned cannot escape, causing serious poisoning for mothers and babies.

Instead of burning coal, mothers can keep their body warm in many ways, such as wearing warm clothes, drinking warm water, lying in an open space, but not letting the wind blow, or letting fans and air conditioners too cold.

Recently, there have been many cases of pregnant women with CO2 poisoning and severe burns due to coal heating. As the case of Ms. Hoa, 37 years old, in Ha Tinh, she gave birth to a daughter a week with her mother-in-law to burn charcoal to heat the night of January 11. Two people fell into a coma, headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing after a few dozen minutes. Fortunately, the family discovered and gave emergency care in time, so it was not dangerous. The little girl is awake, unaffected.

In early 2020, Cho Ray Hospital also consecutively treated many women who suffered severe burns when burning coal. Some people have to spend money to save their lives.

A village in Binh Thuan suffered deep burns in his left arm and left shoulder due to coal heating. Image: Le Phuong.

Apply hot compresses right after giving birth: At the end of the delivery, the base of the uterus will have a small round mass. This is due to the contraction of the uterus, which helps prevent bleeding in pregnant women. This round will cause a lot of pain in the early days and gradually decrease the pain and size over the next few days. Applying heat to the round mass will relax the muscles, causing bleeding danger to the mother. If the mother feels a lot of pain, lying on her back or using a moderate weight such as a small pillow on her abdomen will help relieve pain quite well.

Moving the incision will be inflamed: After caesarean section, the wound is still painful, making it difficult to walk. Some people fear that a lot of movement will cause the wound to split open. This is a wrong view. On the contrary, the mother should be diligent about walking, helping the blood circulate well to the wound, helping to quickly heal. Lying too much, abstaining from exercise can easily cause epidemic termination. Mothers need to regulate properly, have a clear rest time, avoid too much exercise, cause loss of health and take a long time to recover health.

Do not wash your hair for a month: The point of not allowing mothers to wash their hair for fear of hair loss, headaches later is completely incorrect, the midwife stressed. Postpartum mothers need to be bathed cleanly to avoid sweat causing fungus, itchy hair, scalp inflammation that causes trouble sleeping. Women can wash their hair every day, but must use warm water, work quickly in an airtight room. After shampooing, dry hair immediately, avoid wet hair causing cold.

Do not eat sour: Currently, many families still keep the concept of not allowing mothers to eat sour-flavored fruits, sour soup … for fear of sour breastmilk causing diarrhea, and urinary incontinence. In fact, after giving birth, the mother needs to add a lot of nutrients, of which vitamin C plays an important role. It helps mothers increase resistance, quickly heal wounds, and prevent common colds.

Midwifery Linh notes that pregnant women should eat sour in moderation, not eat continuously and eat too sour. Some foods are good for mothers’ wounds and health, such as pork rolls, green papaya, kohlrabi, lotus root, grapefruit orange, sesame … In particular, turmeric is considered a good herb, can be institutional Turn the dish and apply it to the wound to help heal the scar.

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