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5.52 lakh new corona cases in 24 hours worldwide, 8 crore infected so far, see the list of top-10 infected countries

World Coronavirus Update: Vaccination work has started in large number in many countries of the world including America, Britain. But still a large number of corona cases are being filed. In the last 24 hours, 5.54 lakh new cases were registered and 9,451 infected people lost their lives. The figure of the infected has crossed eight crore 43 lakhs. So far more than 18 lakh 34 thousand people have died due to corona virus. However, 56 million people have also been cured of this dangerous disease. Out of the total eight and a half crores, two crore 28 lakh people are still infected, they are undergoing treatment.

On December 17, the maximum 7.38 lakh corona cases and on December 30, the maximum number of 15,121 people died. The most impact of Corona virus has been seen in America, India and Brazil. In the last day, America has lost the most death in the world’s most powerful country. This was followed by Mexico, Britain, Russia, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Poland, Colombia, Turkey, Germany, Indonesia, India.

List of top 10 infected countries
America tops the list of countries most affected by Corona. The fastest cases are also increasing in America. In the last 24 hours, more than one lakh 65 thousand new cases came and 2,112 people lost their lives. After this, India’s number comes. One crore coronas have been infected in India, 17 thousand cases have increased in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 25 thousand cases were registered in 24 hours in Brazil, the third most affected country by Corona.

  • America: Case- 20,616,428, Death- 356,428
  • India: Case- 10,303,409, Death- 149,205
  • Brazil: Case- 7,700,578, Death- 195,441
  • Russia: Case- 3,186,336, Death- 57,555
  • France: Case- 2,639,773, Death- 64,765
  • The uk: Case- 2,542,065, Death- 74,125
  • Turkey: Case- 2,220,855, Death- 21,093
  • Italy: Case- 2,129,376, Death- 74,621
  • Spain: Case – 1,936,718, Death – 50,837
  • Germany: Case- 1,755,937, Death- 34,388

How many deaths occurred in which country?
In 27 countries of the world, the number of corona infections has crossed 5 lakhs. These include Italy, Peru, South Africa, Iran, Germany, Poland and Chile. More than 20 thousand corona patients have died in 18 countries of the world. There are 12 of these countries, where more than 40 thousand deaths have occurred. At the same time, 53 percent of the people lost their lives in only six countries. These countries are America, Brazil, India, Mexico, Italy, UK.

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