46 more people in Hanoi, 7 Nghe An suspected of Covid-19

On the evening of July 21, Hanoi Department of Health recorded 6 more positive cases of nCoV, bringing the number of suspected infections in the day to 46; Nghe An added 7 more infections, all from Binh Duong returning to their hometown, immediately isolated.

The Ministry of Health has not determined the patient numbers of these positive cases, which are considered suspected cases.

All 6 people recorded tonight are at Lane 9 Nguyen Duc Canh, Tuong Mai, Hoang Mai, in contact with previous Covid-19 patients.

4 persons belongs to Duc Tam pharmacy cluster

Male, 35 years old, in cluster 2, group 5, La Khe, Ha Dong. The man tested positive for nCoV on July 20, after his wife was found to have Covid-19.

Two women, 44 years old and 20 years old, living together at 95A Lang Ha, Dong Da and working as pharmacists selling drugs in 95 Lang Ha area, had symptoms of fever and cough.

Female, 52 years old at C7 Hoang Ngoc Phach, Dong Da, a drug censor at 95 Lang Ha area, has cough symptoms.

4 people involved 90 Nguyen Khuyen

Two women, both 47 years old, one in alley 103 Xa Dan 2, Nam Dong, Dong Da; one at lane 16 Thai Ha, Trung Liet, Dong Da. They were in close contact with patient 46374, isolated at Tu Hiep.

Female, 62 years old and male, 5 years old in Tran Phu, Thuong Tin town, Thuong Tin. They are the mother and child of patient 48656, respectively, who have been isolated in isolation, having a fever on July 20.

6 Ho Chi Minh City related person

Nam, 65 years old, from Dong Ngac, Bac Tu Liem, returned from Ho Chi Minh City on July 18.

Male, 40 years old, in Hop Thanh, My Duc, with his family returned from Ho Chi Minh City on July 9, concentrated isolation since July 11.

Male, 15 years old, in La Phu, Hoai Duc, returned from Ho Chi Minh City on July 16, concentrated isolation from July 17.

Female, 26 years old; 37-year-old male and 5-year-old female, living in Minh Khai, La Phu, Hoai Duc, were in close contact with patient 53860, concentrated in isolation in Tu Hiep, on July 20, had a cough, sore throat and tested positive for nCoV. .

3 people related to Bac Ninh, all male, including: 30 years old in Imperia Garden apartment, 203 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan; 35 years old in Duong Noi, Ha Dong; 14 years old in N05 Trieu Khuc, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri. They were in close contact with patient 42319, isolated at Tu Hiep and FPT University, and tested positive for nCoV on July 20.

6 people from group B6 Trai Gang, Thanh Nhan

Four people including female, 3 years old; male, 70 years old; female, 33 years old and male, 34 years old. They are from the same family in Quynh alley, Thanh Nhan, Hai Ba Trung. A member of this family had previously tested positive for nCoV.

Two women, 52 years old, in Quynh Lane and 26 years old, at B6 Trai Gang. These two addresses belong to Thanh Nhan and Hai Ba Trung wards, both of which are blockade areas.

1 case belongs to Bui Thi Xuan cluster, is male, 28 years old, lives in Vinh Tuy, Hai Ba Trung. He had close contact with patient 53858 for the last time on July 16, was isolated and tested negative for the first time. On July 20, he had a fever, sore throat and loss of smell, and tested positive for nCoV.

4 people at SEI Company, related to Bac Giang

Female, 31 years old in Kim Chung, Dong Anh, is a worker of SEI Company, isolated at the company since July 5. On July 14, she had symptoms, was isolated at Dong Anh General Hospital, then tested negative 5 times. On July 20, she tested positive for nCoV.

Two males: 49 years old in Dai Dong, Dai Mai, Dong Anh and 42 years old, at SEI Company, Vong La, Dong Anh. They were in close contact with patient 21330, isolated at the Vietnam – Korea Vocational College, twice tested negative, and tested positive for nCoV on July 20.

Female, 30 years old, at SEI Company, Vong La, Dong Anh, in close contact and isolated in the same room as patient 46368 at the company until July 6, then transferred to concentrated isolation at FPT University, On July 20, the third test was positive for nCoV.

7 people discovered through community screening

She is 68 years old and her two grandsons are both 4 years old, living in Du Nghe street, Quoc Oai town. In which, she sells banh chung at Bung market, Thach That Industrial Park. They have symptoms of cough, fever, and community screening tests are positive for nCoV.

Female, 39 years old, selling flowers and vegetables at Tien Xuan, Thach That and Lap Thanh markets, Dong Xuan, Quoc Oai. She lives in Dinh To residential group, Quoc Oai town. She had a cough and fever since July 16, and tested positive for nCoV on July 20.

Female, 51 years old, in Hoa Voi, Quoc Oai town, Quoc Oai district. She had a fever and cough, was tested on July 20, and the result was positive

Female, 88 years old, at No. 1 Hoang Xa, Hoa Voi, Quoc Oai town. She had a fever, went to Quoc Oai Hospital for a quick test positive, PCR test confirmed positive for nCoV on July 20.

Nam, 64 years old, is the son of an 88-year-old woman, also in Hoang Xa, Hoa Voi, Quoc Oai. He took his mother to the doctor, then quickly tested positive for nCoV, PCR test confirmed that he was also positive for nCoV.

5 cases of Tan Mai cluster

Female, 19 years old, in Mai Dong, Hoang Mai, concentrated isolation since July 17.

Female, 24 years old, in Giap Bat, Hoang Mai, isolated from 17/7.

Female, 38 years old, at Lane 9 Nguyen Duc Canh, Tuong Mai, Hoang Mai. She was in close contact with patient 55952, a colleague at the office at 185A Giang Vo.

Female, 44 years old, at 4 lane 9 Nguyen Duc Canh, Tuong Mai, Hoang Mai. She had fever and diarrhea on July 10, so she went to Thanh Nhan Hospital for treatment, was hospitalized from July 14, and tested positive on July 20. Her aunt, 78 years old, also living in Lane 9 Nguyen Duc Canh, was hospitalized in Thanh Nhan for treatment since July 20 for fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and was tested positive for nCoV by the hospital.

Thus, Hanoi has recorded a total of 289 infections. On July 19 and 20, both recorded 41 new infections, the highest in the fourth epidemic. Inside:

– Beams from Duc Tam pharmacy, number 95 Lang Ha discovered on July 19, recorded 15 infections in just three days.

– The cluster at Bui Thi Xuan street has recorded 27 cases from July 16 to now.

– Regarding Tan Mai, Hoang Mai, there are a total of 31 infections recorded since July 16.

– A total of 12 infections were recorded in 6 days, related to B6 Trai Gang, Thanh Nhan.

– A total of 11 infections related to Bac Ninh have been recorded since July 16 until now.

– Also from July 16, the cluster related to number 90 Nguyen Khuyen has recorded 56 infections.

– SEI company recorded a total of 55 infections since July 5.

– From July 5 to now, the cluster related to Ho Chi Minh City has recorded 55 infections.

From April 29 to now, Hanoi has recorded 554 cases of Covid-19.

Employees of Duc Tam pharmacy, 95 Lang Ha, take samples for testing on the night of July 19. Image: Dang Thuy.

Nghe An Center for Disease Control On the morning of July 21, 7 positive cases of nCoV were recorded. These cases all returned from Binh Duong on 7/7 and 9/7, concentrated isolation.

Among these are 5 males, aged 2 to 53, living in Hau Thanh and Son Thanh communes (Yen Thanh district). Two female cases, 17 and 24 years old, residing in Son Thanh commune (Yen Thanh district).

From June 13 to now, Nghe An has recorded 117 confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19. The epidemic spread to 13 districts, cities and towns. Vinh city has the most with 90 cases, Tuong Duong district 23 cases, Dien Chau 20 cases, Ky Son 9 cases…

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