445 people questioned after reports of sexual violence in sport

The #Metoo of sport is progressing. Nearly 445 people have been implicated to date via reports sent to the unit dedicated to sexual violence in sport, said Friday, April 2, the Minister in charge of Sports Roxana Maracineanu, during the second convention on this subject.

“For a year, 407 cases have been handled or are being processed by the cell implicating 445 people”, she announced.

This cell was set up last winter after the revelations of the skater Sarah Abitbol, ​​who told in a book how she was raped by her trainer between 15 and 17 years old, in the early 1990s.

A year after Sarah Abitbol, ​​confessions of athletes who have broken the silence on sexual violence

In total, 48 sports federations are concerned. This illustrates the scale of the phenomenon, even if 12 of them concentrate 66% of cases.

63% of cases concern children under 15

Another figure noted by the participants of the convention including the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupont-Moretti, who came to ensure the support of justice, “63% of cases concern minors under the age of 15”.

96% of the designated aggressors are men, 72% had a sports educator function. Opposite, the victims are 83% women, almost all minors at the time of the facts, specifies FranceInfo.

“Denouncing violence in sport is not denigrating sport or devaluing its actors. It’s even the opposite ”, hammered Roxana Maracineanu.

Virginie, 33, raped by her lifeguard: “I never regained my self-confidence”

Delegate of the ministry which manages violence in sport, Fabienne Bourdais noted that “25 reports” emanated from high level structures, which means that “The vast majority of events take place in classic clubs”.

191 administrative interdiction measures were pronounced by the prefects. 29 public officials are also concerned, including 16 from the Ministry of Sports and 11 from National Education, including 7 PE teachers.

“The world of sport attracts predators”

The president of the Assize Court of Loiret, Aude Cristau, explained that “The world of sport attracts predators, like school”, referring to the case of a road cycling instructor guilty of “19 rapes”.

She also insisted on the symptoms of post-traumatic stress from which the victims are affected: scarifications, eating disorders, mutism … “I have little girls hiding under my desk”, unable to speak, she explained.

“Sexual violence in sport, the survey”: the world of sport facing its demons

Aude Cristau also mentioned the difficulty of talking about the crimes suffered, because often synonymous with a break with the sports world. “I had a little rider who told me: ‘I preferred to suffer rather than break my competitive course. “

“The victims are less ashamed to speak out”

Sarah Abitbol, ​​who spoke at the convention, explained that she “Was on the road to recovery”, one year after his book Such a long silence that sparked a cascade of revelations in the sport.

“The victims are less ashamed to speak out”, she confided. “It’s difficult to speak, because we have the impression of tainting our sport […] but it was necessary. “ “I am proud to have done it even if sometimes there are still complicated returns”, she added.

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