4,000 F0 consulting calls per day

Hanoi28 medical groups in charge of Covid-19 patients in 30 districts, towns, each day make about 4,000 F0 care calls.

The above information was announced by the representative of the Hanoi Youth Union on January 5. A group of 28 doctors and nurses from the Network of Companion Doctors, operating since December 17, visit and advise F0 and provide grassroots medical support. Each group has a managing doctor, 7-10 consulting doctors; each doctor advises screening about 40-50 new F0 a day. From December 17 to 30, 2021, 28 doctors and nurses made 29,741 calls, of which 17,105 were successfully connected. They screened, examined, advised and supported 11,147 out of a total of 16,653 F0 at home, a rate of 66.93%.

In addition, another group received calls from F0, 7 days a week in the time frames: 9-11am, 14-17h and 19-21h, at the switchboard 0241022, branch 3. From December 31, 2021, This group is active 24 hours a day.

When F0 calls the 1022 switchboard, the operator stores the contact number and basic information. After that, the doctor from the Network of Companion Physicians called back, screened, asked for their full name, year of birth, address, health status, underlying medical condition… to assess the risk. If F0 has 3-4 risk factors, the doctor will notify the local health department for timely support and emergency referral.

Answer VnExpress, a medical staff directly consulting, said that in the early stages, about 50% of F0 refused calls, did not answer the doctor’s phone. The reason is that they do not understand and have never heard of the Network of Companion Physicians. Some other calls failed because the operator entered the wrong phone number of F0.

This employee said “then the situation improved, the people were more enthusiastic”. F0 has not been able to contact the local health department, is still confused and worried, now feels secure to treat at home after being consulted by a doctor to buy medicine, how to evaluate, count breaths, practice breathing. Many severe cases were detected and referred promptly.

The Network of Companion Physicians is jointly deployed by the Hanoi Department of Health and the Vietnam Young Physicians Association to advise F0 or people at high risk of contracting Covid-19 in the community. The network has about 300 nurses, doctors, students, working in hospitals, medical schools, pharmacy, Hanoi Young Doctors Association…

On December 31, the Hanoi Department of Health issued guidance on the coordination process between medical stations, support groups for managing and monitoring people with Covid-19 at home and a network of companion doctors. Ms. Tran Thi Nhi Ha, Director of the Hanoi Department of Health, said that the network of doctors at the 1022 switchboard shows that healthcare always accompanies people.

As of 6pm on January 4, Hanoi is treating 33,564 F0, of which 23,669 people are monitored at home, 246 cases of transferring floors. In the 4th outbreak from April 27, Hanoi recorded 57,684 infections, of which 19,454 were community cases; 31,932 cases were recorded in the isolation area, 5,985 cases were in the blockade area; 196 people have died.

The network of companion doctors has been operating since the middle of last year, in the context of Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces at that time during the peak of the outbreak. The doctors in the network have made great contributions in connecting, consulting, taking care of F0 remotely, timely detecting severe cases and notifying medical facilities for appropriate care and treatment.

A doctor of Viet Duc Friendship Hospital (right) gives a telephone consultation to an F0 in Ho Chi Minh City, July 26, 2021. Photo: Manh Cuong



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