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HanoiOn the morning of January 5, 40 people tested Nanocovax with doses of 25 and 50 mcg in good health after 21 days of injection, monitored at home.

This group includes 20 people injecting 25 mcg on December 17, 2020 and 20 people injecting 50 mcg on December 22, 2020. As a result, about 60% of people had reactions such as mild fever from 37.1 to 37.8 degrees C or mild pain in the injection area about 2 hours after injection.

According to representatives of the Military Medical Academy, this is a normal response because the body produces antibodies to fight the antigens of the vaccine. These side effects completely go away within 24 hours of injection.

At the end of 72 hours of follow-up after the injection at the Military Medical Academy, the volunteers returned home. Each person records their own health developments through the electronic monitoring diary and is monitored daily by health workers.

According to the Nanocovax clinical trial plan, phase one has 3 groups of volunteers, test injections with doses of 25, 50 and 75 mcg. Currently, the group of 20 people who are expected to inject 75 mcg dose has not been carried out yet, because the injection plan is being agreed upon by the Military Medical Academy and the Ministry of Health.

Most of the volunteers just injected the first dose of the course. After 28 days from the first injection, the next dose of Nanocovax will be given to them as long as the body continues to show no side effects, the vaccine trial groups are safe.

Nanocovax is the first Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam to be tested in humans (phase three), researched and developed by Nanogen Company. The human clinical trial began in December 2020, and is scheduled to end in February 2022.

After Nanogen, the Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biologicals (IVAC) completed animal testing with the Covivac vaccine and submitted an application to the Ministry of Health for human clinical trials. It is expected that IVAC will coordinate with Hanoi Medical University to conduct the test at the end of January.

Nanogen Company employees holding samples Nanocovax in their hands at the laboratory in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Quynh Tran.



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