40% of the French are willing to get the vaccine Covid-19 – VnExpress

In a survey by the Advisor for Global Cooperation Ipos and the World Economic Forum (WEF), 40% of French people want to use the Covid-19 vaccine.

This rate is lower than even countries with skepticism of vaccination programs such as Russia (43%) and South Africa (53%), not to mention countries with high vaccine confidence such as China or the UK. . The Ipos and WEF polls are conducted online in 15 countries with more than 13,500 adults, including 1,000 French.

According to the survey, most French people are concerned about the side effects of the vaccine. The country began its vaccination campaign on December 27, around the same time as the rest of Europe. The priority group is members in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. However, in the first three days of the campaign, less than 100 people participated in the vaccination, much slower than neighboring countries such as Germany, the US, and the UK.

Many people remember the French medical scandals in recent decades, fearing that the Covid-19 vaccine was being developed too quickly to benefit major pharmaceutical companies. They are concerned about long-term side effects after vaccination, a few years to manifest.

Medical staff chatted with Mauricette, 78, who was the first to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in France. Image: Reuters

Disputing criticism on social media, a health official said: “We are not aiming for the 100 meter sprint, we want to go the long way. Start with caution, but we will push ahead and inject. strains on a very wide scale “.

He also stressed that the authorities also face “great skepticism from the people”.

France has no problems with the supply. 500,000 doses of the vaccine will be delivered over the weekend.

France recorded more Covid-19 deaths than most European countries. The economy was deeply affected after two blockades. Delay in deploying vaccines, experts say, reduces the number of people vaccinated.

Thuc Linh (According to the AFP)


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