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Applying cold, not wearing safe clothes, applying male medicine … are mistakes when handling burns for children.

Children account for 50% of the total number of burn victims, of which the age group 1-5 accounts for 50-60%. Many parents, when they see their children burned, are not calm enough to handle the wound properly. This makes the burn worse, even causing complications that require the baby to be hospitalized. Here are 4 common mistakes when handling burns for children that parents need to avoid.

Apply cold compresses to burns

Follow Medstar Health, the idea that using cold against heat is wrong when dealing with burns. Applying cold water or ice to a burn does more harm than good because it can damage tissue, causing a cold injury near the burn. When a child is unfortunately burned, parents should put the burn under cool running water to soothe the wound or soak the wound in room temperature water.

Children’s skin is thin, so when burned, the wound will be more severe than adults. Image: Freepik

Use toothpaste, honey

In the case of children with cooking oil burns, parents often think of the solution of using toothpaste and honey to give first aid to the burn. According to experts, this is the wrong way to treat burns to avoid. Soft substances such as toothpaste and honey do not make the burn worse, but they interfere with the healing process. In addition, the risk of infection is also higher.


Sealing the burn makes it easier to break in the event of a blister, which can lead to infection. When children are burned, parents try to make their children wear loose, loose clothes. Use a bandage if the wound is too severe, in the case of a minor burn, let the burn air.

Apply male medicine

Recently, at the National Children’s Hospital, an 18-month-old baby (Nam Dinh) was burned with boiling water while playing, a rather large burn in the chest area. Instead of taking the child to the hospital, the mother went to the healer’s house to take home remedies to make the burn worse. The baby was hospitalized in a state of fever, coma, diagnosed with 2-3 degrees of boiling water burns, infection.

This is one of the common mistakes when dealing with burns of many Vietnamese mothers, the habit of using oral remedies without a scientific basis easily causes children to encounter unwanted complications such as purulent inflammation. pericarditis, meningitis, osteomyelitis… Therefore, parents who encounter a child’s burn need to be alert to handle it safely.

Children’s skin is thinner, the bonds between the layers are looser than adults. Therefore, when burned, the wound is more severe and deeper. The child’s immune system is still weak, so the risk of infection in the burn area is high.

If the child is scalded by boiling water or steam, parents should soak the child’s hands in clean, cool water for about 10-30 minutes. Then, adults take the baby to the nearest medical facility for treatment if the burn is large.

If the child has an electric burn, the family quickly separates the child from the power source and brings it to a cool place. Parents check the child’s consciousness, injuries on the body, if the baby faints, then conduct proper circulatory respiration. If the child stops circulating, perform chest compressions properly and call for medical assistance.

For children with chemical burns, adults give priority to washing the burned area with clean water. Next, parents should immediately remove clothes contaminated with chemicals for children, if clothes are stuck to the burn, they should be cut around, not at the burned part because it can easily cause skin peeling. Immediately after giving first aid, the family should quickly take the child to a specialized medical facility for timely examination and treatment.

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