“37chocolates” a site that recreates a bond between work colleagues by tasting chocolate

“It’s my job”, all summer 40 original business ideas, business creations that respond to the times. Monday August 1st, the portrait of Estelle Tracy, who reinvented chocolate tasting, all over the world, thanks to videoconferencing.

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Estelle Tracy is based in the United States, in Philadelphia, but the world is her playground. By creating 37chocolates in 2019, she recreated the link between teams which, because of the health crisis or because globalization is that employees of the same company can be located on several continents, no longer share anything. The principle is simple: she sends three chocolate bars to each employee, and the collective tasting, guided by the specialist, is done by videoconference. “My goal is for every person who attends the discussion to have a tablet that they really love. declared Estelle Tracey.
Estelle Tracy’s clients are for example technology companies, law firms, consultants. Everywhere in the world, including in France.

“My services are generally called upon to mark the end of a project.”

Estelle Tracy

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First surprise during these tastings, people know very little about chocolate. In fact Estelle Tracy surfed at the right time on the wave of remote work, “total remote” as they say in the United States. With her no “fatigue zoom”no video rejection.
The 37chocolates workshops, which cost between 50 and 70 dollars per employee, are a great gift that a company gives to its employees that it can no longer physically bring together in one place.

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