35 ‘patient 1719’ classmates were negative once

HanoiThe Center for late-night Disease Control January 31st announced that all 35 students of grade 3E at Xuan Phuong primary school, shared “patient 1719”, were nCoV negative.

Khong Minh Tuan, deputy director of Center for Disease Control (CDC) Hanoi, said some other students also had negative results, but not specific statistics.

“Patient 1719”, male, 9 years old, is a grade 3E student at Xuan Phuong primary school, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi. The baby is the son of a patient 1694, male, 40 years old, living on Phuc Dien street, also in Nam Tu Liem district. All 3E students and homeroom teachers have been gathered at the school since the evening of January 30.

Currently, Xuan Phuong Primary School isolates 57 students, 12 teachers and 11 parents, and is F1.

On the afternoon of January 31, about 1,000 students belonging to the F3 elementary school of Xuan Phuong were sampled for testing. The sample is transferred to CDC Hanoi, about two days later, the results will be available.

Family “patient 1694” in a cluster of infections related to the outbreak in Hai Duong was discovered in Hanoi from January 28. To date, Hanoi has recorded a total of 13 cases of infection recorded by the Ministry of Health and 1 new positive case has not been identified with patient codes.

Medical staff took samples for students of Xuan Phuong Primary School, on the afternoon of January 31. Image: Giang Huy.



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