35 national digital transformation platforms must comply with cyberinformation security requirements

On June 9, the Department of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications held a conference themed “Information security for digital transformation platforms”, with the participation of the leading agencies, promoting 35 national digital transformation platform; businesses developing digital transformation platforms and specialized IT and information security units of ministries, branches and localities.

The seminar “Ensuring information security for digital transformation platforms” took place on June 9 in Hanoi.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuc, Director of the Department of Information Security, said that 2022, the Ministry of Information and Communications has determined to be the year of total progress in digital transformation, after one year 2021 is considered a general rehearsal on digital transformation. digital transformation, with a focus on 35 national digital transformation platforms that must be completed and put in place to effectively serve the people, government and economy.

“35 national digital platforms must comply with the minimum requirements as prescribed by the law on cyberinformation security and the law on cyber security,” emphasized Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuc.

According to a representative of the Department of Information Security, through the conference “Ensuring information security for digital transformation platforms”, the Department of Information Security, the Ministry of Information and Communications wants units to have the same awareness of security requirements. minimum network information security as prescribed by law in the development and selection of a national digital transformation platform, including: Approval of Level Proposal and implementation of a level-based information security assurance plan degree; comply with regulations on protection of personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Cyberinformation Security, the Law on Cybersecurity; comply with regulations on storage in Vietnam in accordance with the Law on Cybersecurity.

This conference is also an opportunity for specialized IT units of ministries, sectors, localities and ICT enterprises to exchange and discuss experiences, best practices, as well as difficulties and problems. if any) in the implementation of activities to ensure information security for digital platforms, for the selection and application of secure digital platforms in their respective ministries, branches and localities.

Opinions at the conference will be synthesized to serve as a basis for research, advice and proposals on solutions to improve information security, associated with the deployment of digital The digital transformation service is convenient and effective,” said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuc.

Previously, at the National Digital Transformation Program and the e-Government Development Strategy towards a Digital Government, the Prime Minister set a goal by 2030 “Vietnam becomes a digital, stable and prosperous country”. Prosperity, pioneer in testing new technologies and models; fundamentally and comprehensively renovate management and administration activities of the Government, production and business activities of enterprises, people’s ways of living and working, developing a safe, humane, and wide digital environment. everywhere”.

The Prime Minister has also set forth specific guiding views, which are: Developing a digital platform is a breakthrough solution to promote faster digital transformation, reduce costs, and increase efficiency; national-scale platforms, applications and services must be made first, done well, centralized;

Ensuring safety and network security is the key to successful and sustainable digital transformation, and is an integral and integral part of digital transformation. All equipment, products, software, information systems and investment projects in information technology have mandatory components of network safety and security right from the time of design; Mastering and developing core technologies and open platforms to serve the Digital Government, forming an ecosystem of Make in Vietnam applications and services.

The Prime Minister has affirmed the view that ensuring safety and network security is the key to successful and sustainable digital transformation (Illustration image: Internet)

Realizing the guiding views of the Government, Prime Minister, on February 11, the Ministry of Information and Communications issued Decision 186 approving the Program to promote the development and use of national digital platforms for transformation. digital, digital government development, digital economy, digital society.

In this program, the Ministry of Information and Communications has clearly defined 3 goals, including the formation of a digital platform ecosystem in Vietnam, with 35 national digital platforms, basically meeting the requirements of digital transformation. widely used to create soft infrastructure to develop digital government, digital economy and digital society in the country and in each industry, field and area.

Along with that, gather potential Vietnamese businesses, focus on investing in developing national digital platforms as the core to form a network of Vietnamese digital platform developers and a network to support the development of digital platforms. Open the mass platform, widely from the central to the grassroots. At the same time, creating a number of Vietnamese digital platforms capable of competing with popular international digital platforms.

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