34 clinics in Ho Chi Minh City continue to seek insurance

After 12 days of being requested to stop medical examination and treatment by Social Insurance, 34 medical stations have been solved and continued to treat patients with health insurance.

In which, 4 ward medical stations are located by district hospitals at the station, which does not affect the interests of people participating in health insurance in the area. These stations include stations of Thao Dien ward (district 2), ward 9 (district 4), Tay Thanh ward (Tan Phu district) and Hiep Binh Chanh ward (Thu Duc city).

13 ward and commune health stations lack manpower due to doctors’ retirement under the regime. Currently, these doctors have been invited to re-sign contracts by the Medical Center, including doctors in charge of technical expertise and doctors participating in medical examination and treatment.

17 medical stations in wards and communes have been relocated, the Department of Health has re-issued operation license and technical list approved.

On the basis that all these clinics have met all the conditions for operation, the City Social Insurance Agency has re-signed the contract of medical examination and treatment covered by the health insurance. Health care activities for people in the area under the health insurance regime are continued to be ensured.

In addition, in addition to continuing the roadmap for renewing the operation of medical stations according to the principles of family medicine, the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City intends to implement rotationally doctors of medical centers and hospitals. district and ward health stations at ward and commune

Previously, on March 3, Ho Chi Minh City Social Security sent an official notice that 34 medical stations of wards and communes belonging to 13 district health centers had to stop medical examination and treatment with the original health insurance, from the date of 1/4.

Leaders of the Department of Health held an urgent meeting with leaders of 13 District Medical Centers and Thu Duc City Medical Center, on March 8, to find the cause. Accordingly, the main reason is the lack of personnel, such as the lack of people in charge of technical expertise, the person in charge of the retirement station, no replacement; lack of doctors with certificates of medical examination and treatment … Some stations are in the stage of completing administrative procedures to be re-licensed due to the change of location when new construction. Some medical stations have a small number of medical examination and treatment services covered by health insurance, so they self-discontinue.

The Department of Health requires that by March 15, all of these clinics must complete legal documents in order for the City Social Insurance to continue signing the contract of medical examination and treatment covered by health insurance for people. local people.

People wait for their turn at a medical station operating on the principles of family medicine, in Binh Thanh district. Image: Letter Anh.

Letter Anh


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