32 doctors give free Covid-19 consultations in Ho Chi Minh City

The two Departments of Health, Information and Communications have set up a “Health care consultation channel for people to prevent and control Covid-19 disease” through portal 1022, from 8:00am on July 23.

You call 1022, press 3 to get advice from medical experts, instructions on how to handle when a loved one has or is suspected of having Covid-19, as well as how to take care of health for F0, F1.

The 32 experts involved in the consultation are professors, associate professors, experienced doctors from the Medical Association of Ho Chi Minh City, the Center for Disease Control of Ho Chi Minh City, infectious disease experts, and epidemiologists. study in hospitals.

It is expected that the number of experts participating in consulting will continue to increase in the coming time.

Currently, experts advise all days of the week, in the time frame 8-10am, 14-16h, 19-21h.

32 doctors advise against Covid-19 via channel 1022

Before that, hundreds of doctors in Ho Chi Minh City registered for free online medical examination and consultation for people by phone, following the call of the association of private medical practice.

Portal 1022 has the participation of 86 units and 625 handling points, which are authorities at all levels, city authorities, receiving complaints from people to support handling complaints about violations. crime in the fight against Covid-19.

From 8 pm on July 22, when facing difficulties due to Covid-19, people call 1022, press 2 to provide information to request support.

Le Phuong