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3000 soldiers to be sent to return US Embassy staff in Afghanistan

The Taliban crisis in Afghanistan has deepened with the withdrawal of American and NATO forces. In the midst of continuous attacks in Afghanistan, the Afghan army appears weak in front of the Taliban. Meanwhile, for the safety of its employees in Kabul, America has taken a big decision to bring them back.

American employees will be returned from the embassy

The situation in Afghanistan, which is under the shadow of Taliban terror, seems to be changing very rapidly. Meanwhile, the US has announced to send troops to bring back its employees from the US embassy in Kabul. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby announced on Thursday that “the US Department of Defense will send troops to Afghanistan to evacuate embassy staff from Kabul.”

3000 soldiers will be stationed at Kabul airport

During the press conference, John Kirby made it clear that the 3rd Infantry Battalion of the Army would be sent to Kabul Airport in the next 24-48 hours to evacuate its staff from the US Embassy. He made it clear that a total of 3000 soldiers would be sent during this period. Along with this, 3500 soldiers have been posted on standby in Qatar. Which will be sent to help in case of any problem.

Britain will also send its soldiers

Meanwhile, in view of America, Britain has also talked about sending the army to evacuate its citizens safely. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has said that 600 British soldiers will be sent to Afghanistan to evacuate British citizens from Afghanistan.

Taliban capture 11 provincial capitals

Let us tell you that US and NATO soldiers came to Afghanistan about 20 years ago and they overthrew the Taliban government. With the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban on Thursday captured another important provincial capital and the country’s third largest city near Kabul, taking the group so far 11 of the 34 provincial capitals. has done.

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