3 pain-free injections for metastatic cancer patients

HanoiThe 84-year-old man has bladder cancer and urinary tract infections. Less effective pain relievers caused him severe pain, insomnia.

Doctor Trinh Tu Tam, Head of Electro-Optical Intervention and Pain Treatment Unit, Friendship Hospital, on April 9, said that the patient was hospitalized for the treatment of hypotenic pain and urinary infection on February 17. Then, he was transferred to the Department of Surgery for treatment.

To treat his cancer, doctors surgically removed his bladder and drained his ureter to the skin last year. However, the tumor has metastasized in the late stage, causing pain in the penis and the hypotenic region, the epithelium. He was prescribed painkillers to use, but it was less effective, the pain was so severe that he often lost sleep, just pulling his pants to touch the penis was also grimacing and miserable. The body becomes thin, weak and loses almost 10 kg. Therefore, the doctor decided to coordinate the photoelectric intervention for pain relief treatment.

According to Dr. Tam, the area that dominates the pain nerves of the patient belongs to the hypotenic plexus, the shady nerve and the phallus nerve. Therefore, the doctor uses 2 techniques, including absolute alcohol-based hypotenic plexus removal, an injection to block the shy nerve and the dorsal nerve of the penis. Steps are performed to monitor and evaluate the patient’s pain relief.

After 3 procedures, he got better pain and was able to eat and sleep better. The degree of pain relief is 80-90% compared to the previous days, currently only mild pain. He only needs to take 1 regular pain reliever paracetamol to control the pain throughout the day, not needing to use powerful pain relievers or addictive pain relievers.

On April 9, when he was discharged from the hospital, the old man said: “Since the treatment, I sleep better. Never sleep like that”.

Doctor Tam examined him on April 9. Image: Chile.

Dr Tam explained, the hypotenic plexus is the structure located in the retroperitoneal cavity, equal to the level of the 5th lumbar vertebra, this is the place to transfer the pain sensations from the organs in the subframe, episiotomy region to the god. central business. Injecting alcohol to kill the epigastric disorders will cut the path of pain transmission, helping the patient to reduce pain. The doctor performs the technique under the guidance of computerized tomography, bringing the needle to the exact, safe injection site, increasing the effectiveness of the procedure while reducing complications for the patient. Absolute alcohol suppression treatment is indicated for patients with pelvic pain, pelvic pain due to causes such as bladder, uterine, ovarian, urethral, ​​prostate, penis, vaginal, episiotomy, endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, interstitial cystitis …

With the blockade of the inguinal nerve and the penile back nerve, the doctor injects pain relievers, anesthetics, and anti-inflammatory corticosteroids around the nerve that governs the patient’s pain area to reduce pain sensation.

These minimal intervention techniques are carried out under the guidance of diagnostic imaging facilities so that they are safe and highly effective, and in coordination with medical treatment to help patients reduce the pain level from which they can eat. , sleep better. From there, the patient improves physical strength, can meet the treatment methods for the main disease while improving the patient’s quality of life.



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