3 mistakes in preventing Covid-19 at home

Sun exposure, warm baths, essential oils or gargling with strong salt water, sesame oil, or garlic juice do not help prevent or kill the virus that causes Covid-19, according to the doctor.

Doctor Pham Anh Ngan, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital Campus 3, said that now, in addition to the official and specific recommendations of the Ministry of Health on home disinfection measures such as hand washing and hygiene Surfaces in contact with disinfectant solutions, 5K…, there is still a lot of information spreading about how to prevent and treat Covid-19 without scientific basis, making people confused.

Doctor Ngan advised people to stay calm and cautious when approaching information sources about the disease. Three ways to prevent disease are considered wrong by doctors, as follows:

Disinfecting the oropharynx with dark salt water (hypertonic), sesame oil, garlic juice protects the body from Covid-19?

Brine products on the market today are usually at a concentration of 0.9%, or higher such as 1.5%, 2.2%, 3%, 7%. You can also make your own salt water at home to use, but the concentration is often not guaranteed.

There is a lot of information that using mouthwash and nose and throat spray combined with herbal essential oils to prevent Covid-19. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no evidence that regularly using saline solutions, antiseptic water for nose drops and mouthwash will help prevent Covid-19.

The recommendations to gargle with sesame oil and garlic juice to help change the pH in the oropharyngeal environment, to kill the virus, Dr. Ngan said that lacks scientific basis and has not been verified. Even, instilling these solutions into the nose and throat can increase the risk of aspiration, especially in children, as well as dry up, cause a burning sensation in the oropharyngeal mucosa, and affect eating.

People with allergic rhinitis, sinus disease, should consult a doctor about the appropriate nasal spray solution and the number of times a day depending on the severity of the disease.

The information that drinking garlic juice will kill the virus that causes Covid-19 is lacking in scientific basis and has not been verified. Photo: Johnathan21.

Does sun exposure help kill the virus that causes Covid-19?

nCoV survives in the air for about three hours, losing its ability to infect after 30 minutes at temperatures above 56oC. “Sun exposure does not directly kill the virus,” said Dr. Ngan.

Sun exposure helps the body synthesize vitamin D, a vitamin necessary for the body’s metabolism (immune system and bones). In addition, the energy from sunlight helps the body’s biological clock to be activated according to the day-night rhythm, making it easier for us to fall asleep and wake up. However, too long exposure to the sun will affect the skin, causing sunburn (dizziness, heat, dryness, increased thirst).

Therefore, we still need morning and afternoon sun exposure but should limit the time to less than 30 minutes. People who work outdoors should use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and wear protective clothing to avoid sunburn.

Steaming with essential oils, taking a warm bath, wearing a mask impregnated with wind oil, cajeput oil… will prevent Covid-19?

In the days when the weather changes seasons, steaming with essential oils, taking a warm bath will bring a pleasant feeling, reduce the low humidity of the environment affecting the body and surrounding space, reduce stress due to the disease.

However, a warm bath does not raise the body’s temperature enough to eliminate the virus. Inhaling essential oils more than twice a day, plus the direct airflow from the nebulizer will make the respiratory mucosa sensitive, creating a feeling of dryness or increased mucus secretion after inhalation.

“Therefore, the concept of ‘bathing – steaming to kill the virus’ several times a day is wrong,” said Dr. Ngan.

Impregnating green wind oil, cajeput oil, eucalyptus oil … on the mask also has no effect on preventing the virus, according to the doctor. The ingredients in the oil such as Menthol 5% (menthol essence), Methyl Salicylate 6%, Eucalyptus oil 56% (eucalyptus oil) create a cooling sensation, relieve skin pain (methyl salicylate), but have no effect. virus inactivation.

The doctor recommends, when at home, besides complying with 5K, you need to have a suitable activity time, get enough sleep and exercise. You can also practice breathing exercises, watch your breath, and relax yourself.

Should spend 3-5 minutes sitting upright or lying flat, take a deep breath and feel the breath entering the body, then gently exhale through the mouth. Practice time divided into several times a day, gradually increasing the number of minutes as you get used to it. Practicing and observing the breath helps strengthen the respiratory muscles, especially the diaphragm, when we take a deep breath.

Refer to good breathing exercises for the lungs by Dr. Q Trinh.

The doctor instructs F0 to practice breathing to restore lungs at home

Doctor Q Trinh instructs on breathing exercises to restore the lungs.

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