3.5% of French people have already purchased NFTs

Posted 9 Feb. 2022 at 6:00 amUpdated Feb 9. 2022 at 11:11

In total, 3.5% of French people have already purchased non-fungible or NFT tokens and 8% cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, according to an Ifop survey (1) carried out on behalf of “” at the start of ‘year. By 2021, global Google searches for NFTs had surpassed those for Bitcoin, indicating interest in these assets issued on a blockchain like Ethereum. NFTs are certificates of ownership of digital assets (works of art, photos, videos, game characters, metaverse objects) or real assets (properties, etc.). Easy to buy and sell, they have become very popular on social networks, especially at the instigation of influencers.

Despite this overexposure, only 8% of French people believe they have precise knowledge of NFTs compared to 40% for cryptocurrencies. Three-quarters of those surveyed are unaware of the former, against 18% for the latter.

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