29 days of no infection with community NCOV

On the morning of October 2, the Ministry of Health did not record more positive cases of nCoV, 29 days without community infection. Total number of cases is 1,095.

In the last 24 hours, one more case was infected with a Russian expert quarantined immediately after entry, 8 cases recovered. Total out is 1,018.

There are no more severe Covid-19 patients left by the Treatment Committee. The death toll from Covid-19 was 35, with four deaths after three to four negative tests.

The remaining patients are treating 8 health facilities that are stable, of which one person tested negative for nCoV once, two were negative for the second time, and five were negative for the third time.

Up to now, Vietnam has recorded 691 cases of Covid-19 caused by domestic infections, the rest are on entries.

The total number of people who have been in close contact and entering from the quarantine area is more than 15,000. In which, isolation concentrated in the hospital more than 200; isolation concentrated nearly 10,000, the remainder at home and accommodation.

On the afternoon of October 1, with more than 700 bridges, there are medical facilities across the country to ensure the safety of Covid-19 epidemic prevention at medical examination and treatment facilities, Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son said around the world, the epidemic situation is still complicated, the number of morbidity and mortality still increases.

Vietnam has had no cases of infection in the community for the past 29 days, but continues to receive flights from abroad, including patients infected with nCoV. Therefore, it is necessary to have a drastic organization in isolation, zoning, monitoring and treatment.

The Ministry of Health warns that the risk of epidemics is always present when the international routes are gradually opened, recommending people to raise their alert for epidemic prevention according to the 5K message: mask – disinfection – distance – no gathering – health declaration.

The world records more than one million deaths from COV, out of more than 34 million infected.

Le Nga