28 hospitals neglected to fight Covid-19

More than 1,000 hospitals have been inspected by the Ministry of Health for the implementation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, of which 28 are unsafe.

Associate Professor Luong Ngoc Khue, Director of Medical Administration (Ministry of Health), said the above information at the Covid-19 online conference on ensuring safety against epidemics of Covid-19 medical facilities, afternoon 1 / ten.

After more than two months of implementing Covid-19’s set of hospital safety criteria for epidemic safety, as of September 30, 1,380 hospitals and health centers have self-assessed through online software. Still 150 units have not implemented. Among the self-assessed health facilities, there were 1,089 safe hospitals, 263 low-safety hospitals and 28 unsafe hospitals.

HCMC Department of Health inspects 75 hospitals, the most; Thai Binh checked 34 hospitals, Ca Mau 24, Hanoi 23 … 11 other health departments, each department checked one hospital.

Mr. Khue said that through physical inspection, all hospitals controlled the wearing of masks, enhanced hand hygiene monitoring, and equipped with antiseptic solutions at many locations. All hospitals have a system of signs, reception desks, classification, screening rooms. Some hospitals have set up a bridge to conduct consultation, medical examination and treatment briefings, online conferences; restrict the patient, the patient’s family to the hospital …

There are still hospitals that have not monitored and reminded patients to comply with epidemic prevention, have not yet set up an appointment schedule through the switchboard, on the website, have not yet implemented sampling for testing and X-rays at the screening room; plan to transport suspected infected persons to the laboratory …

Controlling people entering Bach Mai Hospital during the first outbreak in March. Photo: Giang Huy.

Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Truong Son assessed that the rate of infections and deaths caused by Covid-19 in Vietnam is currently low compared with the world and in the region. In particular, the treatment of Covid-19 patients is successful when the cure rate is high, up to 96%. For nearly a month, Vietnam has not recorded cases of Covid-19 in the community, and continues to receive flights from abroad. Among those on entry, some test positive for nCoV.

However, the epidemic situation in the world is still complicated and unpredictable. The number of new cases is still increasing, the death rate has no signs of reduction.

“If we do not organize drastic measures to isolate, localize, monitor and detect cases early, we will fail in this war,” said Deputy Minister Son.

The Deputy Minister emphasized that the lesson at Da Nang Hospital, just letting Covid-19 patients fall into the hospital will paralyze the medical system. Patients with a background disease currently being treated at the hospital are the most vulnerable group, leading to an increase in mortality from Covid-19.

Hospitals need to continue implementing measures to prevent Covid-19, from the process of receiving medical examination and treatment, classifying, screening, isolating suspected people, preventing cross-infection …

Le Nga