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Norway23 people died a few days after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, of which 13 people over 80 lived in a nursing home.

Health officials believe that the deaths may all be related to vaccine side effects after vaccination.

“The common side effects include fever, nausea, which can lead to death in some weak patients,” said Sigurd Hortemo, chief doctor at the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Agency.

Since the end of December 2020, Norway has administered its first dose of vaccine, by Pfizer and Moderna, to more than 30,000 people.

“The deaths do not worry us too much,” said Steinar Madsen, medical director at the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Authority. “It is clear that vaccination has very little risk, with only one exception in very ill patients.”

He said that doctors need to consider more carefully when deciding who should be vaccinated. For very frail and elderly people, individual health status should be assessed before vaccination proceeds.

A representative of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer said that “was aware of the situation of the deaths” and was working with the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Authority to collect all relevant information.

“Norwegian authorities give priority to vaccination for nursing home residents, largely elderly with underlying medical conditions, with some patients with a low chance of survival,” a Pfizer spokesman said. “The number of deaths confirmed by the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Authority to date is not alarming, and is not out of our predictions.”

The Norwegian Pharmaceutical Authority will carefully assess the link between deaths and vaccinations, he said. The government of this country will consider adjusting the vaccination guidelines, taking more careful consideration of the health of the patients.

Pharmacists pick up the Pfizer vaccine from vials at the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington in December 2020. Image: NY Times

According to a report on November 14, a total of 29 people developed side effects after the injection, including 21 women and 8 men. Thirteen deaths are on this list. Among the rest, 9 people had serious side effects including allergies, irritability, and high fever. Seven people had milder symptoms such as severe pain in the biceps.

To date, Norway has recorded more than 57,000 Covid-19 cases and 500 deaths. Health officials report about 400 deaths per week in nursing homes across the country.

Last week, officials also reported two patients in a nursing home died after the Pfizer vaccine injection.

On January 15, Germany noted that 10 people, aged 79 to 93, had underlying medical problems, dying about four days after the first dose of Pfizer vaccine. Institute expert Paul Ehrlich said the cause of death of 10 people could be due to underlying disease. Authorities are investigating the cause of death of 10 people, it is not clear whether it was caused by a vaccine, or just due to underlying disease.

On 4/1, American doctor Gregory Michael passed away, 16 days after the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, of cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. On 12/1, Pfizer said the company was actively investigating the case, but opposed the idea that Dr. Michael’s death was related to the vaccine.

Earlier, Israel recorded 240 deaths following the injection of the Pfizer vaccine.

On 18/11/2020, pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that it had completed the trial and updated the results, the Covid-19 vaccine efficacy was up to 95% in preventing Covid-19.

On December 11, 2020, the FDA approved the emergency approval of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, which began to be used by frontline health workers and the elderly in nursing homes. On December 12, the trucks carrying the Pfizer vaccine on December 13 left the factory in Michigan, for vaccination sites in over 50 states in the US, mainly hospitals.

Pfizer’s vaccine is based on the genetic molecule RNA, which stimulates human cells to make viral proteins. The immune system then comes into contact with the protein and produces antibodies, the immune cells recognize and destroy the pathogen.

In clinical trials, the company reported the vaccine had no safety issues. Before conducting large-scale research, companies have been running smaller clinical trials since May, aimed at detecting potential side effects. Scientists tested at least four versions of the vaccine, choosing one with mild and moderate side effects such as fever and fatigue.

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