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21-year-old Russian blogger marries step-son, love story of this strange couple going viral on social media

A strange and surprising story of relationships is going viral on social media these days. This is the story of Russian blogger Marina Balamsheva, who fell in love with her step-son. Marina also married her 21-year-old step-son, Vladimir Shevrin, and she has also become the mother of his child.

Married to step-son a year ago

Marina, who became the mother of a step-son’s child, was also severely criticized. But Marina and her step-son (who has now become the father of her husband and her baby girl) do not mind this criticism. Let me tell you that Marina married her ex-husband’s son, Vladimir Shevrin, a year ago after falling in love. Marina fell in love with her son Vladimir after divorcing her first husband Alexi Array. Both also gave love the name of marriage.

There is a difference of 14 years between the two

Marina is 35 years old while Vladimir is 21 years old. This distance of age also could not reduce the love of both. According to a report in DailyMail, Marina and her step son first met 14 years ago. At that time Marina was 21 years old and her step son was 7 years old. Marina was married to the stepson’s father, who, after 13 years, both of them divorced.

After getting divorced from her husband, he falls in love with step-son

After getting divorced from her first husband, Marina had an affair with her step-son Vladimir. Their relationship had grown so much that Marina of 35 and Vladimir of 21 did not want to live without each other and then this unique couple got married.

Marina resorted to plastic surgery to look attractive

Marina was very fat at first. But later he lost his weight in a very shocking manner and also used plastic surgery to look attractive. After doing all this, now there is not much difference between the age of Marina and Vladimir.

Marina has also recently given birth to a baby girl. Marina and Vladimir are very happy to have their first child. At the same time, the relationship of this unique couple in Russia and around the world is gaining a lot of headlines.

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