20 years hidden testicles

Ha Giang20-year-old male, since childhood, his right testicle was not seen, but his bowel and bladder functions were normal, so he did not go to the doctor.

Growing up, parents were afraid that their children would suffer from psychological guilt, so they took them to Bac Quang General Hospital for treatment on December 17. The doctors discovered that the right testicle was not in the right position but was located deep in the inguinal canal, smaller than normal (36 mm long, 15 mm wide).

The doctor diagnosed the patient’s testicle ectopic, indicated laparoscopic surgery to lower the undescended testicle, returning the testicle to the correct functional position in the scrotum.

Doctors said that in the early stages of male fetuses, the testicles are located in the abdomen, then gradually move down to the scrotum and stay there until the baby is born. The movement from the abdomen to the scrotum of the testicles is influenced by a variety of mechanisms. If these mechanisms are affected, the testicle cannot descend into the scrotum, causing undescended.

The rate of undescended testicles accounts for 33% in preterm boys, 3.4% in full term babies. This is a condition in which the testicles are not in the correct position (in the scrotum) when the child is born, but in the abdomen or on the way from the abdomen through the inguinal canal, down to the scrotum. In case the patient has an undescended testicle in the abdomen, surgery should be performed as soon as possible to avoid testicular atrophy and cancer complications. If this condition persists in children, the testicles will gradually lose function.

Doctors recommend that after giving birth, male children do not have two testicles in the scrotum, parents need to take them to a medical facility for timely treatment, it is best to treat before two years of age. Treatment methods are medical, laparoscopic surgery, or open surgery to lower the testicle into the scrotum, avoiding complications such as testicular atrophy, cancer, testicular torsion, leading to the risk of infertility, psychological guilt. after.

Image of testes hidden in the inguinal canal of the patient. Photo: Hospital provides

Thuy Quynh