20 soldiers who recovered from Covid-19 volunteered to take care of F0

Ho Chi Minh City20 soldiers of the 4th Army Military School, formerly F0, volunteered to take care of Covid-19 patients at Military Hospital 175.

Colonel Le Van Hanh, Rector of the 4th Army Military School, said on September 16 that they included 11 squad leaders and 9 nurse trainees, selected from more than 100 volunteer applications to serve on the front lines. The school trained some basic skills before the students volunteered.

“They used to be F0, so they will understand and see patients as their own relatives, with the highest responsibility and spirit,” said Colonel Hanh. It is expected that the practitioners will support the hospital until December 10, according to the decision of the General Staff.

Freshman student Nguyen Phuoc Binh was found to be positive in August, after more than a month of vaccination. He belongs to the group that does not show symptoms. He volunteered to write an application to join the fight against the epidemic as soon as the school launched, because he wanted to contribute to helping many people win Covid-19.

Practitioner Nguyen Quyet Thang, 22 years old, had a mild fever, headache, cough for about a day, and lost his sense of smell for about three days when he contracted Covid-19. He had a vaccine before he got sick. After 12 days of contracting Covid and recovering, Thang believes that the risk of reinfection in 6 months is extremely low, so he does not hesitate to sign up to volunteer. “My family is very supportive,” Thang said.

Practitioner Nguyen Quoc Thang, one of 20 soldiers of the 4th Army Military School, used to be an F0, on duty at Military Hospital 175, on the afternoon of September 16. Photo: Chinh Tran.

Associate Professor, Major General Nguyen Hong Son, Director of Military Hospital 175, said that this is the first time the hospital has received a support force to take care of Covid-19 patients. “The hospital will arrange for other volunteers to have valuable military experiences,” said Mr. Son.

According to Major General Son, more than anyone else, it is F0 who is cured of the disease that is the driving force to help patients undergoing treatment gain strength to overcome the disease. He believes that this volunteer force, with its experience, emotions, spirit, and practice, will effectively share the burden with the economic sector, contributing to saving many lives.

The Covid-19 treatment center, 175 Military Hospital, with a scale of 500 beds, is the last line of Covid-19 treatment in Ho Chi Minh City, accepting patients with severe and moderate severity. For nearly two months, this place has saved hundreds of critically ill patients, reducing many cases from severe to mild.

On the same day, 15 doctors and technicians from Military Hospital 175 also strengthened the Go Vap District Covid-19 Treatment Hospital. Previously, the hospital had selected 150 doctors, nurses, technicians with many years of experience and good health to participate in the treatment of F0 at Field Hospital No. 7. During the working process, 14 employees were exposed. infected patients still volunteered to stay to continue to care for and serve patients. The hospital has also provided Ho Chi Minh City hospital with 35 mobile teams to take samples for Covid-19 testing, vaccinate and vaccinate in the community.

“This is a great effort of Military Hospital 175 in the fight with Covid-19 in the condition that officers and employees perform many tasks at the same time,” the hospital director shared.

Le Phuong