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20 cats were hungry for two weeks, on the death of the mistress, ate her dead body, such an open case

Russia: A shocking case has come to light in Russia, in which the body of a woman was eaten by her own 20 cats and the police did not know about it for two weeks. On getting a call from a concerned colleague, the police came to know about the partially eaten remains of the woman.

According to the New York Post, the woman was a cat breeder who kept 20 giant Maine Coon pedigree cats in her home. Inside his house, police found his partially eaten body surrounded by hungry cats.

The woman had died about two weeks ago
Based on the investigation of the decomposed remains, the police said that the woman had died about two weeks ago. The body of the woman was found by the police in a property in Bataysk, Rostov region of Russia.

“The cats were left alone for two weeks with no food,” said an animal rescue expert (who took care of some of the woman’s cats). “It is understandable that they ate what was there,” he said.

And some healthy cats have been handed over to new owners for just £29. Although it is not known, according to local media reports, whether the new owners of the cats were told that the cats had tasted human flesh.

Large size Maine Coon cats
Maine Coon cats are known for their large size and their origin is believed to be in the US state of Maine. It is an extremely popular pedigree cat breed that currently occupies the number three slot on the World Pet Cat Popularity List. It is generally known for its passive nature and is often referred to as the “Gentle Giant”.

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