2-year-old baby in critical condition after falling into a pond

A 2-year-old boy in Long An unfortunately fell into the pond, his family picked him up and took him to the hospital in a state of coma, cyanosis, weak breathing, convulsions.

Local hospital doctors intubated to help breathing, prevent convulsions, then transferred the baby to Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital, on August 22.

Doctor Nguyen Minh Tien, deputy director of the City Children’s Hospital, said the baby was admitted to the hospital with a coma, cyanosis, intermittent contractions, pink foam gushing out into the endotracheal tube. The chest X-ray showed severe damage to the baby’s lungs.

Chest X-ray showed diffuse pulmonary involvement in the two alveoli, with an enlarged heart shadow. Photo: Hospital provided.

Emergency doctors put the baby on a ventilator, infuse vasopressors, anticonvulsants, anti-brain edema, adjust water and electrolytes, acid-base and give broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat aspiration pneumonia.

Currently, the child’s condition is still quite serious, continuing to receive active resuscitation treatment.

The boy was combined with many active treatment measures at the City Children's Hospital.  Photo: Provided by the hospital.

The boy was combined with many active treatment measures at the City Children’s Hospital. Photo: Hospital provided.

Doctor Tien recommends that, if the child is unfortunately suffocated to stop breathing, parents need to give first aid by pressing the heart on the lower half of the sternum alternately giving breaths at the rate of 30 compressions and two breaths. If there is an additional person to assist, give chest compressions 15 times, give rescue breaths twice.

“Folk measures such as splashing water, rolling back, pressing the abdomen … are not effective, but also delay the emergency process of cardiac arrest, leading to death or saving the child’s life but leaving sequelae. heavy brain later,” said Dr. Tien.

First aid for drowning properly

Dr. Tien noted that there is always a babysitter under the age of three because at this age children are not consciously in control of their actions, but prefer to learn about the world around them.

In Vietnam, each year drowning takes the lives of more than 3,000 teenagers, most of which are under 16 years old. Vietnam is the country with the highest rate of children drowning in Southeast Asia.

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