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2 killed in heavy firing in Vancouver, Canada, attackers also killed in retaliatory action

Vancouver Shooting: There has been a heavy firing in Vancouver, Canada. Two people have died in this accident, while the suspected attacker has also been killed in retaliation. It is being told that firing has been done at 5 places in Langley and Langley Township. The same attacker fired at all the places, due to which 4 people were injured and two people died and two are hospitalized.

Earlier it was being said that the attacker targeted the homeless people but this has not been confirmed by the police officials. Langley Police Chief Ghalib Bhayani told a press conference, ‘I can confirm that 4 people have been shot, of which 2 have died, while the condition of one woman remains critical. Another injured has been shot in the leg. Police officers are working to identify the victims and suspects. Trying to find out whether there was any connection between these people or not.

Royal Canadian Mountain Police spokeswoman Sergeant Rebecca Parslow has said about the violence in the city of Langley, British Columbia, that we can confirm that many people have been injured in this incident. At the same time, David Lee, who is investigating this case, has said that the investigation is going on as to who these people are and why the firing took place. At the moment it is not able to confirm that these people were homeless.

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