131 tons of essential goods were provided to Hanoians in 3 days of separation

According to data from Vietnam Post and Viettel Post, by July 26, after 3 days of social distancing in Hanoi under Directive 16, two large postal enterprises had supplied 131 tons of goods to the people of the capital on two channels. online and in person.

Hanoians can stay at home to buy essential goods through Seashells, Postmart

Right from the moment Hanoi applied social distancing measures under Directive 16 of the Prime Minister on a citywide scale – on the morning of July 24, the Ministry of Information and Communications directed two major Vietnamese postal enterprises, namely: Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) and Viettel Post Corporation (Viettel Post) immediately activated the task of ensuring the supply chain of essential goods for the whole city, helping hundreds of thousands of people. People in the capital can rest assured at home against the epidemic.

With the experience gained in half a month of participating in the supply of food and goods to stabilize prices in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces implementing social distancing, Vietnam Post and Viettel Post quickly applied the online point-of-sale model. Directly at more than 400 post offices covering 30 districts in Hanoi, making it easier for people to buy goods when they don’t have to go to markets and supermarkets.

Currently, the price stabilization stall serving people during the epidemic season on the Seashell floor has more than 3,000 items with stable prices equal to or lower than the market.

The online supply of essential goods through Postmart and Shell has been specially focused by two major postal enterprises in Hanoi. With this purchase method, people only need to go to the e-commerce floor, order goods and essential necessities. The transportation will be quickly delivered by staff of Vietnam Post and Viettel Post to the address requested by the consumer.

Besides, under the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Post and Viettel Post have worked with more than 50 supermarkets and food stores to coordinate transportation. For supermarkets that have their own online sales channels, the postal business is in charge of shipping. As for supermarkets that do not have an online sales channel, 2 postal businesses will guide and support opening booths and be directly in charge of shipping orders.

The supermarkets and food stores mentioned above have a familiar customer base with large buying needs, but have difficulty in providing goods during the period of social distancing. Because, shippers (deliverers) not under the management of licensed units will not be able to operate, causing supermarkets and stores to have a shortage of manpower at the transportation stage. Thanks to cooperation with postal enterprises that have a team of postmen authorized to deliver goods in Hanoi, transportation difficulties are solved.

As of July 26, after 3 days of implementation, 2 enterprises Vietnam Post and Viettel Post have provided 131 tons of essential goods to Hanoi people on both online and offline channels. In which, there were more than 14,000 orders generated through 2 exchanges Postmart and Shell, an increase of 2 times compared to before Hanoi social distancing. The items that people choose to buy are mainly rice, fish sauce, cooking oil, fresh food, fruits and other essential items…

Postmasters of 2 large postal enterprises have been granted operation codes

Talking to ICTnews on July 27, representatives of Vietnam Post and Viettel Post said that currently, the Hanoi Department of Transport has basically issued enough operation codes for a team of nearly 4,000 employees to deliver parcels and essential goods. by two-wheeled motorbikes as listed in the list of 2 registered enterprises.

In order to ensure the safety of officials, employees as well as customers in the context of complicated epidemic developments, over the past time, Vietnam Post and Viettel Post have implemented many disease prevention measures.

In Hanoi, the City Post Office has fully mastered that all postmen when delivering goods must keep a minimum distance of 2m when communicating, always equip with antiseptic water, face masks, regularly measure body temperature and require adhere to the 5K principle of epidemic prevention not only at work but also in daily life.

131 tons of essential goods were provided to Hanoians in 3 days of separation
Vietnam Post and Viettel Post both tightened anti-epidemic measures from the frontline postmen to the post office area.

Cao Cam Linh, Strategy Director of Viettel Post, said that the entire delivery team is equipped with necessary tools such as masks, antiseptic water, and full gloves. Right from the beginning of the epidemic, Viettel Post has researched and changed some operating rules to ensure 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health.

For example, customers when transacting at the counter or with delivery staff must keep a distance of at least 2m, have their temperature checked, wear gloves and disinfect their hands regularly, spray disinfectant twice and disinfect. Vehicles in and out of the distanced area…100% of officers and employees must install the Bluezone application and make daily medical declarations. “We also issue guidelines and organize online dissemination sessions on regulations and rules of epidemic prevention, especially to frontline workers – delivery postmen.”Ms. Cao Cam Linh shared.

At the same time, delivery at people’s addresses is also paid special attention by 2 postal businesses, delivery staff must always wear masks and keep a distance of 2m. Vietnam Post and Viettel Post also encourage customers to pay in advance, pay cashless via electronic payment applications to limit close contact.

Previously, both businesses were allowed by the ministries of Industry and Trade and Transport to travel on the “green channel” to supply goods and necessities in isolated localities. As a result, specialized vehicles of Vietnam Post and Viettel Post can quickly meet the increasing demand for food in Hanoi in recent days.

With the smooth coordination between authorities and businesses, including Vietnam Post and Viettel Post, the supply chain of goods in Hanoi is being maintained, there is no shortage of goods and prices. Thanks to that, the people of the capital can rest assured to comply with the requirements during the period of isolation, contributing to the whole country in repelling the epidemic.

Van Anh

Vietnam Post, Viettel Post provide more than 1,300 tons of essential goods to people in epidemic areas

Vietnam Post, Viettel Post provide more than 1,300 tons of essential goods to people in epidemic areas

Through two online and offline channels, as of July 25, two postal businesses have opened 2,972 points of sale of essential goods in 21 localities with social distancing. The volume of essential goods supplied to people in these provinces and cities is 1,331 tons.


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