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1300 years old Hindu temple found in Swat, Pakistan;

1300 years old Hindu temple has been unearthed in Swat, Pakistan. During the excavation at Barikot Ghandai, archaeological experts announced the discovery on 19 November. It is believed that the 1300 year old temple was constructed during the Hindu royal period and belongs to Lord Vishnu.

1300 years old temple discovered in Pakistan

Hindu Shahi or Kabul Shahi (850-1026 AD) was a Hindu dynasty. His empire extended to the Kabul Valley (eastern Afghanistan), Gandhara (modern-day Pakistan) and present-day northwest India. Experts found the temple in a mountain in Swat district of Pakistan. They have also found towers and cantonments for the guard near the temple site during the excavation. Apart from this, a pool of water has also been discovered.

Temple of Vishnu being told of Kabul royal dynasty

Experts believe that before the worship of Lord Vishnu, the devotees will use the water of the pool for bathing. Dr. Luca, the head of the Italian archaeological mission, said, “For the first time in this region, the temple of Gandhara civilization has been discovered.” Although Swat district is home to a thousand years old archaeological sites, for the first time traces of Hindu imperial period have been found. The Hindu temple was discovered by archaeological experts from Pakistan and Italy. Swat district has been a center of tourist attraction. Natural beauty, cultural heritage, religious and archaeological sites make Swat visible. Buddhist devotees also arrive in Swat district due to the Buddhist sites of worship.

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