13 students suddenly burst into tears in class

Ha TinhThirteen students of class 4C at American School, Ky Anh town, were sitting in class, feeling short of breath, having headache and crying loudly, in the morning of September 30.

At this time, the students of class 4C are studying Fine Arts. Thirteen children, including 11 girls and two men, sat in many positions in the classroom, feeling headache, having difficulty breathing and crying loudly. A teacher teaching music in the next class heard the cry of the 4C class to learn, also shocked. All were then taken to the US Commune Health Station, about 250 meters from the school, for medical check-ups.

Health staff gave 14 people sugar and oresol drinks, infusion, and psychotherapy. An hour later, the students and teachers regained consciousness and were sent home to rest.

Leader of Ky Anh Town Medical Center said: “Maybe the above students have dissociation disorder, the unit is working with relevant agencies to clarify the cause”.

Dissociation disorder is a group of common disorders, accounting for 0.3-0.5% of the population. The disease has many manifestations, including neurological and mental symptoms. To treat the disease mainly use psychotherapy. Patients need attention and sharing from relatives, friends and family.

Mr. Phan Van Tuan, Principal of the school, said 13 students above live in many different villages in the US commune. Parents said that this morning, they gave their children breakfast with dishes such as sticky rice, egg rice …

Students in other classes in the school have no problems.

The US Primary School – Secondary School has more than 900 students, the Primary School is 617 students, trained in its own facilities.

Duc Hung