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The anti-inflammatory compounds with antioxidant properties in turmeric, ginger, basil, silver ha… can support cancer prevention.

For a long time, spices and herbs have been used in cooking to increase the taste of food and have positive effects on health. A healthy diet, regular health check-ups and healthy lifestyles help prevent cancer. The herbs and spices that are close, easy to add to the daily meal below according to studies can help fight cancer.


Turmeric contains curcumin which has anti-inflammatory effects. The compound has a positive effect on cancer prevention, by dislodging the vascular networks that feed cancer cells. Fresh turmeric has a mild, pleasant taste, often used as a spice to add to soups, soups or used as a cream to heal wounds and skin scars.


Garlic contains organosulfur compounds that have immune-boosting properties and help reduce or hinder tumor growth in the body. Garlic has a rich flavor and is often added to vegetables or meat to enhance the taste and benefit overall health.


Both fresh and dried ginger contain antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger has a strong flavor and is a versatile herb. You can add small amounts of ginger to smoothies, juices, teas, lotions or add to everyday dishes.


Research at the University of California proves that the compound capsaicin, which makes chili peppers spicy, has high antioxidant properties, helping to prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells. Studies also show that the compound capsaicin can kill cancer cells. You can use chili powder as a condiment to add to your scrubs, eggs or favorite dishes. People with stomach problems and sore throats should consider when using chili with meals.

Black pepper and allspice

A study published in the journal Research and Treatment of Breast Cancer (USA) showed that taking black pepper along with turmeric can help inhibit the growth of cancer stem cells of breast tumors. Allspice is another spice, belonging to the pepper family that also has good anti-inflammatory properties. This spice has a warm, spicy taste and is commonly used in soups, Thai tea, gingerbread cookies and savory dishes.

Pepper and chili are common spices found in Vietnamese dishes. Image: Freepik


Saffron contains water-soluble carotenoids called crocins, which help inhibit tumor growth and slow cancer progression. Saffron is often used in small doses, in rice dishes, curries, cakes….


Several scientific studies have identified useful properties in lavender that can prevent cancer. The POH compound present in lavender has been shown to improve the symptoms of patients with recurrent glioma. Lavender is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam, used in desserts and teas.

Basil leaves

According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, basil leaves contain high levels of flavonoids, which are one of the herbs that also have good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to prevent cancer. This herb is commonly used in stir-fries, curries, mixed with salads, sauces.

Rosemary leaves

Rosemary is rich in phytochemical compounds that can slow the growth of cancer cells, boost immune system function, and have high antioxidant properties. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, fresh rosemary leaves can limit the production of hormones involved in the formation of cancer-causing free radicals. Rosemary has a sweet taste, pleasant aroma and is often used as a marinade in many dishes such as poultry dishes combined with olive oil.

Rosemary has a sweet taste, pleasant aroma and effective cancer prevention properties.  Photo: Freepik

Rosemary has a sweet taste, pleasant aroma and effective cancer prevention properties. Image: Freepik


Thyme also contains many phytochemical compounds, which protect the body from inflammation, have high antioxidant properties. Thyme is often added to sauces, soups and stews, artisan breads and salads. Thyme can be used whole branches including leaves and stems.

Mint leaf

Peppermint contains perilyl, which has been shown in laboratory studies to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Taking mint also helps reduce digestive problems that many cancer patients often experience during treatment. You can also use mint tea or mint candies to make you feel nauseous. Two popular forms of mint, peppermint and spearmint, are used to flavor a variety of sweet and savory dishes, such as desserts, salads, fruit, smoothies and sauces.

Spicy oregano

The high carvacrol content in oregano can limit the spread of cancer cells. This compound acts as a natural disinfectant for the body and is often used in European-style dishes such as pizza and pasta. Oregano is closely related to mint.


Basil leaves are often used to decorate dishes or used in soups, stews or salads. In basil contains apigenine which plays a high anti-inflammatory role to help protect the body from the risk of cancer.

In addition to building a healthy eating menu, you should practice healthy living habits such as being active, avoiding smoking, limiting alcoholic beverages, etc. to help protect your body from cancer-causing agents. letters.

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