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13-foot long crocodile made leopard its victim, video went viral on social media

A horrific video of South Africa is being seen on social media among millions of people. In it, a 13-foot big crocodile grabbed the leopard’s neck and dragged it into the water rapidly. According to the Daily Mail report, the video has been captured by South African Wildair Safari Guide Busani Mathali.

Hunter hunt

British scientist Charles Darwin’s theory ‘Survival of the Fittest’ says that the best will survive there. This viral video is proving true to Darwin’s theory. We often see cheetahs in TV and video hunting for an animal. But, in this video, the hunter himself is seen becoming a victim.

Crocodile stole the leopard’s neck

In the video, a cheetah is drinking water in a pond oblivious to the danger of his death. Then a crocodile comes out with lightning and quickly drags the leopard’s neck and drags it into the water. The cheetah leans heavily in its defense, but does not get rid of the strong hold of the 13-foot long crocodile. Seeing all this, 2 more leopards standing at a distance from the pond first come close, then retreat from fear.

Leopard’s painful death

While capturing the video, the guide says’ how painful it is. It is more than painful words. Actually, we cannot do anything for that. Because when the leopard came to drink the water, the crocodile was already ambush.

Watch the video here:

Among the two more cheetahs seen in this video, one is the mother of a prey cub and the other is a cub. The indigo crocodile spotted in the video is one of Africa’s largest crocodile species. They are considered to be the most powerful and aggressive to use their jaws.

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