12 years in the gym despite asthma

HanoiWitnessing a practitioner gasping for breath and sitting on the ground after the practice session, Nguyen Canh Hoi saw his image again when he first went to the gym.

Since childhood, the Association has been passionate about bodybuilding, wishing to be tall, muscular, but born with asthma, so her body is stunted and weak. The disease makes him often have difficulty breathing, hissing breath. Many nights of anguish and coughing, the Association had to turn upside down and put her hips up in the sky to ease breathing. Looking at his big friends floated and he was only 52 kg exhausted, the boy became increasingly self-confident and afraid to communicate with people.

Recalling the feeling of “breathlessness like being strangled in the neck” haunted throughout childhood, Hoi’s voice sagged.

“One is to continue living on and off, getting sick from day to day. The second is to exercise for human health to be supple, to limit asthma attacks”, the Association recounted her torment at the age of 18. “I don’t want to be useless for life.”

Then the Association began to look for exercises to improve the resistance. He has tried many subjects such as walking and running. But each time you finish training, you have to put in all your strength to breathe, so the more you practice, the more tired.

Once, the Association watched TV, saw athletes lift weights to ton their muscles, so they enjoyed it. He asked his father to take sand and cement to pour concrete into dumbbells, use two areca sticks and iron bars to make a single beam, put in the backyard to practice every day. At first, my father did not agree, “I have a gym with asthma” but after seeing my passion, I did not stop it.

Nguyen Canh Hoi, 32 years old is a fitness trainer in Hanoi. In addition, he also participates in free competitions to pitted against and learn from other passionate people. Image: Characters provided

Every day, the Association only exercises about 30 minutes with weights combined with walking for the body to get used to. Particularly, weights are simply raised and lowered gently so that he can feel his body and see if his breathing is okay. During the exercise, he takes time to rest, take deep breaths, and breathe to help regulate his body. The first month, the asthma attack gradually subsided, sleep without hissing, so the Association decided to increase the intensity and duration of practice to double.

“The purpose of my training is to limit the disease, improve my health, not because of performance. So, practice a little slowly, as long as it is effective,” he said.

Thanks to push-ups and early pull-ups, he improved his height from 1.68 m to 1.73 m. The boy became taller, fleshy and aggressive, able to handle the heavy chores in the house.

Going to college, he started pursuing a more formal gym, maintaining 6 sessions a week. In his free time, he also goes online to learn more breathing exercises when practicing.

The secret of the association must eat before and after training. Before practice, eat a lot of starch, rice, chicken breast, green vegetables, … as a complete meal for energy. After training, he will eat to recover muscle. Even people who lose fat must apply this formula, but other diets like not eating fat.

Association said that in order to own beautiful muscle mass, bodybuilders must invest a lot of time, effort and passion to pursue them for a long time.  Photo: Character provided

Association said that in order to own beautiful muscle mass, bodybuilders must invest a lot of time, effort and passion to pursue it for a long time. Image: Characters provided

In 2016, he switched to being a coach after 6 years of persistent practice. His principle is all students must master correct breathing skills when practicing sports. Specifically, for heavy exercises, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth to release energy while light exercise, inhale and exhale through the nose to limit dehydration and heat loss. Absolutely not holding your breath, breathing deeply or breathing backwards.

“When I started with the trainees, I told about my journey to motivate everyone. As long as you regulate your body, the exercise will be half a success,” said the Association.

In addition, he always reminded his students not to idolize the gym because it is just one of many other subjects to exercise health. Exercise only accounts for 30%, scientific nutrition is the core thing that needs to change.

While teaching, the Association has participated in competitions. Men’s Physique Tournament chooses Men’s Physique with high requirements on the ratio of the shoulder frame, when the waist will form a V-shape. Therefore, the practitioner must tighten his muscles to have a small waist and wide shoulders, span. He also does not skip leg exercises to have a well-balanced body, avoid big, small under.

“Playing with a medal is precious, but I don’t put a lot of weight. In every tournament, I balance why I have time to take care of my health and learn from everyone,” he said.

After 10 years of bodybuilding, the Association seemed to transform into another person.  He is confident to meet and has more friends, and his job is more favorable.  Photo: Character provided

After 10 years of bodybuilding, the Association seemed to transform into another person. He is confident to meet and has more friends, and his job is more favorable. Image: Characters provided

Looking back on the period of pursuing bodybuilding, the Association found itself lucky because it had made the right decision, not to let illnesses. From this skinny, ailing boy, he is muscular, able to lift weights continuously for many hours without getting tired.

“Gym is gradually becoming an essential thing in many people’s lives. From initial hobby, now gym becomes a profession that the Association wants to stick with,” he said.

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