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11 pets corona infected, decree issued to kill 2000 hamsters

Covid Positive: An order has been given to kill 2,000 hamsters in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Several hamsters were found infected with Kovid-19 in a pet store, after which pet owners have been warned not to kiss the creatures.

Hundreds of organisms were tested for corona after a case of delta variant of the corona virus was reported in an employee of the store, out of which 11 hamsters have been found positive. Only after this, a decree has been issued by the administration to kill 2,000 hamsters under the Zero Kovid policy in China-ruled Hong Kong, while this rat-like creature becomes attached to most of the people of the world and people keep it in the house. Huh.

Import and export restrictions

However, Sophia Chan, the region’s health secretary, stressed during a press conference that there was no evidence that domesticated organisms can infect humans, but that the import and export of the gnawing species should also be banned. To be careful.

wash hands after touching animals

Leung Siu-fai Leung, director of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, also told reporters, “Pet owners should observe hygiene. Washing hands after touching animals, handling their food or other items in one place and Refrain from kissing them.”

Infection only in hamsters

He added, “If hamsters are being kept, they should be kept at home, not brought outside.” Let us tell you that hundreds of samples have also been collected for the test of rabbit and chinchilla organisms, but so far infection has been found only in hamsters.

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