10 stars making the most money YouTube 2020, without PewDiePie

Continuously in the Top 10 YouTube stars making money, the fact that PewDiePie suddenly slipped off this year’s list of Forbes is quite surprising.

From left to right: Jeffree Star, Ryan Kaji and PewDiePie

when the Forbes Announced the list of 10 YouTube stars making the most money in 2020, 9-year-old Ryan Kaji continues to rank in the Top 1 with a record income of 29.5 million USD, mainly from the share of toy sales. Ryan branded merchandise (branded merchandise). In the top 10 is makeup king Jeffree Star with an income of $ 15 million.

But even if you flip this list up, readers cannot see Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie. This Swedish YouTuber is the world’s second-largest subscriber, just after India’s T-Series channel.

It is worth mentioning that two years earlier, PewDiePie was still in the Top 10 of Forbes with income of $ 15.5 million (2018) and $ 13 million (2019), respectively. Despite causing a lot of controversy about racist statements and articles by Thai, PewDiePie’s channel still has steady growth in 2020 after a short time this guy born in 1989 announced a break. .

Even when Forbes announced the huge earnings of YouTube in 2019, PewDiePie himself declared this estimate wrong and claimed that she made $ 54 million in that year, by selling her brand items and receiving external advertising. . PewDiePie estimated at that time a quote of $ 450,000 for each promotional video on its channel, according to Forbes.

E-commerce site OnBuy then released statistics indicating that PewDiePie earned more than $ 70 million in the whole of 2019.

10 stars making the most money in YouTube 2020, why is there no PewDiePie?
Estimated PewDiePie earnings in 2019 (source: OnBuy)

So, is there a mistake in Forbes statistics or is there a special reason? According to Forbes, the data they get is referenced from three sources and interviewed industry insiders. These figures are estimated from June 2019 to June 2020, and the list is curated from people who make YouTube revenue.

According to this rule, PewDiePie is fully qualified to be in at least Top 5. According to OnBuy, in the second half of 2019, PewDiePie earned about 36 million USD (rounded number). This income boost comes from the fact that PewDiePie married his 8-year girlfriend Marzia Bisognin in August 2019, helping the effect of the Minecraft Epic series prolong and skyrocket in viewership.

That is not to mention, in May this year, PewDiePie signed an exclusive contract to livestream on YouTube platform. How much PewDiePie pocketed is not disclosed, but according to experts it can hardly be much lower than the number that Ninja once rejected Facebook. Previously, Shroud pocketed $ 10 million and Ninja pocketed $ 30 million from Microsoft to switch to livestream for the Mixer platform.

PewDiePie is a YouTuber famous for playing comedy-style horror games, considered the most influential character in the gaming world. Recently, this guy started a strong livestream activity in the battle between platforms like YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Gaming.

It is known that PewDiePie channel currently has 108 million subs, more than 26 billion views over 4,200 videos.

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