10 good tips on iPhone that many iFans may not know

Apple recently posted a new video on YouTube sharing 10 useful iPhone tips that many users may not know.

Quickly delete numbers in calculator apps

When entering numbers for calculations in the iPhone’s calculator application, many users are often annoyed that they cannot delete each number if mistyped, forced to delete the whole number sequence and re-enter it.

In fact, just swiping left or right on the top of the screen can instantly delete the last digit. It’s very simple but maybe many people still don’t know it.

10 great tips on iPhone

Pin shared content in messages

Starting with iOS 15, users can pin shared content in messages to the Search section to easily find when needed, instead of previously pinning only important conversations. In the message thread, touch and hold the information you want to pin, then tap “Pin”.

Stacking widgets on home screen

As of iOS 14, widgets (widgets) can create a smart stack on top of each other instead of spreading like before. iPhone will show the appropriate widget depending on how much you use the app during the day.

Save multiple photos from the web at once

With the drag and drop feature on iOS 15, users can select multiple images, documents, and files from one app and drag them to another, no need to waste time saving each photo like before.

10 good tips on iPhone that many iFans may not know
Users easily pin shared content in messages

Open camera from lock screen

Just swipe left on the lock screen to quickly open the camera, all photos are protected, so no need to worry about someone can access them.

Save time typing text

Just a few simple steps in the settings, users can speed up that text input. For example just type VN then iPhone the replacement to “Vietnam”.

Scan documents with Notes

Open the Notes section, press the camera icon, select “Scan document” then put the phone in the document to be scanned and then click save file.

Scan documents directly with Camera

Select the document to scan – Launch Camera app – Click the scan button on the screen – Select and Copy the text to save.

See the first photo in the album

To jump to the first photo in an album in your photo library, tap the top of the screen.

Quick search

To quickly access Search or Siri from the home screen with iOS 15, simply tap the center of the screen.

Huong Dung(According to 9to5Mac)

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New revelation about the screen without ‘rabbit ears’ of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

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