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1.80 lakh new corona cases arrived in America in 24 hours, 2300 killed, 5 million people still infected

Washington: America is helpless next to the corona virus. There does not seem to be any decrease in the pace of increase of Corona case here. More than 1.5 lakh infection cases are coming every day. In the last 24 hours, 1.80 lakh new corona cases came and 2,296 patients lost their lives. On 20 November, there were a record 2.04 lakh cases in the US. In the last 24 hours in Corona, the second most affected country, 44 thousand cases have been reported and 5108 people have died. At the same time, 45 thousand new corona infected have been found in Corona, the third most affected country and 620 people have died.

The Corona epidemic in the United States, India and Brazil has affected the most people. 47 percent of the world’s corona cases are in these three countries and 41 percent of the deaths have also occurred here. In these three countries, the death toll from Corona has crossed five lakh. At the same time, the number of corona infected in the world has crossed six crore 7 lakh and more than 14 lakh 25 thousand patients have died.

Total infection and mortality
In the US, the number of corona virus patients increased to 1.31 million by 236 morning, out of which 2 lakh 68 thousand people have died. There have been 92 lakh 66 thousand infection cases in India and out of these one lakh 35 thousand people have lost their lives. At the same time, the total number of infected in Brazil is 61 lakh 66 thousand, more than one lakh 70 thousand people have died here.

Active case and recovery rate
Now in the US, active cases have increased to 5 million, which means that these people are still infected with the virus. The recovery rate in India is 94 percent, that is, 86 lakh people have been cured out of the total of 92 lakh infected people. There are less than 5 lakh active cases in India, they are being treated in hospital. At the same time, there are 4 lakh 83 thousand active cases in the world’s third most affected country and more than 55 lakh people have been cured.

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