VinFuture Prize – the driving force to change Vietnam’s academic breakthroughs

According to experts, through a global network of scientific connections, the VinFuture Prize opens opportunities for Vietnamese scientists to participate more deeply in academic research, contributing to bringing a new position to the field of basic science. Vietnamese version. Breakthrough motivation for Vietnamese researchers During an exchange with the Award Council and the VinFuture Preliminary […]


Many Americans intentionally infected with Omicron to create ‘hybrid immunity’

AmericaMany people intentionally infected Omicron to get antibodies from vaccines and viruses, but experts warned that this is dangerous behavior because nCov is “very unpredictable”. Like many New Yorkers, Domenica D’Ottavio contracted Covid-19 over Christmas. Her head ached, her whole body ached. She also had a cough and a high fever. However, D’Ottavio felt a […]


6G technology, the focus of China’s digital economy development plan

China will step up support for research and development of 6th generation (6G) mobile technology. 6G technology has been identified as a focus of China’s new digital economy development plan, under China’s 14th five-year development program. Previously, in December 2021, the Cyberspace Administration of this country also issued a similar policy. 6G technology, the focus […]

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Justice Ayesha Malik became the first woman judge of Pakistani SC, PM Imran Khan said this

Justice Ayesha Malik has been appointed as the first woman Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. After which the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has congratulated him. The Pakistani Prime Minister said, “I congratulate Justice Ayesha Malik on becoming the first woman judge of the Supreme Court. My best wishes to him.” Earlier, […]

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A draft decree casts doubt on the right to education of children with disabilities

While families have been denouncing for years the difficulties they encounter in finding a school for their disabled child, a draft decree sets fire to the powder. If adopted as it stands, it would indeed create a category of children “impossible” to attend school, in complete reversal with the current approach to disability. → EXPLANATION. […]