Most people with Covid-19 have headaches – VnExpress

SpainHeadache is one of the five most commonly reported symptoms of the Omicron variant. Headache and fever are the two most common symptoms of Covid-19. Researchers at the Universitario de La Princes Hospital in Madrid, Spain, found that if the F0s present as the first symptom of a headache, they are usually mild and have […]


The US injects a human cancer-killing virus

AmericaScientists at Imugene Limited and City of Hope are testing a new cancer-killing virus, CF33-hNIS, in people with growing solid tumours. The virus is specifically designed to replicate inside cancer cells, then destroy them without harming the surrounding normal cells. Previous studies have shown that the virus is stable, making it a suitable tool to […]


A series of iPhones with serious errors

An eSIM bug has appeared on iPhones that prevent users from accessing iMessage and FaceTime. Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist specializing in Apple coverage, said he was one of the victims of this situation. His iPhone used eSim with T-Mobile and suddenly disabled these two features with no way to fix it. What is eSIM? […]


After a long suspense, Kylian Mbappé remains at PSG

The end of a suspense orchestrated for several weeks. Despite Real Madrid’s advances, Kylian Mbappé decided on Saturday May 21 to extend his adventure with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025, which is starting a new cycle, without its sporting director Leonardo, who was sacked in the evening. At the microphone, on the lawn a few minutes […]


Sean Harris, Hitchcock villain

PORTRAIT – The 56-year-old actor, terrifying in Impossible missiondefends his new film, The Stranger, in the official selection at Cannes. He plays a pedophile murderer. He made himself known to the world by becoming the sworn enemy of Tom Cruise, the terrifying double agent Salomon Lane, in the last two films of Impossible mission. In […]